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Welcome to Michael Camac’s web site

Are you a 4×4 enthusiast? You’re not alone!

Starting from a stock-standard Nissan Patrol, Michael has re-created the beast into a V8 Comp Truck

It’s taken ambition, dedication, perspiration and hundreds of ‘shed hours’ for the transformation – and to be race ready

The Winch Comp stages can be extremely challenging;
picture a loaded 4WD, with 37inch wheels, hurling down the track at 120k’s/hour,
surrounded by trees (and possibly cows), with pink bunting as the track indicator – which disappears without warning, following a hand-drawn mud map, the Navi giving directions on the fly, rocks, holes & scrub under the wheels

– Coming to a dead stop at a winch wall – 5 winches long at 50mtrs per winch

It’s said to be the ultimate Boys and their Toys playing (and the Gals too!)

Come along for the ride!

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