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Nissan GU / GQ Front Wheel Bearing

Front Wheel Bearing
Check that wheel bearings operate smoothly.
Check axial end play.
Axial end play:
0 mm (0 in)
Adjust wheel bearing preload if there is any axial end play or
wheel bearing does not turn smoothly.

Front Wheel Bearing (Cont’d 

Adjust wheel bearing preload after wheel bearing has been
replaced or front axle has been reassembled.
Adjust wheel bearing preload as follows:
1. Before adjustment, thoroughly clean all parts to prevent dirt entry.
2. Apply multi-purpose grease sparingly to the following parts:
Wheel hub (as shown at left) Wheel bearing Grease seal lip
Contact surface between wheel bearing lock washer (chamfered side) and outer wheel bearing
3. Tighten wheel bearing lock nut with Tool.
: 167 – 196 N×m (17 – 20 kg-m, 123 – 145 ft-lb)
4. Turn wheel hub several times in both directions.
5. Loosen wheel bearing lock nut so that torque becomes 0 N×m (0 kg-m, 0 ft-lb).
6. Retighten wheel bearing lock nut with Tool. : 3 – 5 N×m (0.3 – 0.5 kg-m, 26 – 43 in-lb)

Front Wheel Bearing (Cont’d)
9. Again turn wheel hub several times in both directions.
10. Measure starting force “A” at wheel hub bolt.
11. Tighten lock nut until screw hole is aligned with screw hole in lock washer. Lock washer may be used with either side up.
Temporarily tighten lock washer using screw.
12. Turn wheel hub several times in both directions.
13. Measure starting force “B” at wheel hub bolt. Refer to procedure
14. Wheel bearing preload “C” can be calculated as shown below.
C = B − A
Wheel bearing preload “C”:
0 – 18.6 N (0 – 1.9 kg, 0 – 4.2 lb)
15. If wheel bearing preload “C” is outside specifications, loosen lock nut and adjust wheel bearing preload “C” to 0 to 18.6 N (0
to 1.9 kg, 0 to 4.2 lb) range.
16. Measure wheel bearing axial end play. Axial end play: 0 mm (0 in)
17. Tighten screw. : 1.2 – 1.8 N×m (0.12 – 0.18 kg-m, 10.4 – 15.6 in-lb)
18. Recheck to ensure that wheel bearing preload and axial end play are within specified ranges.
19. Pack drive flange groove with grease, apply grease to O-ring and mating surface of drive flange, and install flange.
20. Place snap ring in drive shaft groove. Choose snap ring so that the gap between groove and snap ring is 0.4 mm (0.016 in) or less.